RIGA, LATVIA, 02.03.2024.


Intensive Heels technique workshop where we will show you ALL THE ESSENTIAL FUNDAMENTALS OF HEELS to TRANSFORM how you show up on the dance floor and life in Stilettos

  • Do you know THE SECRET to look & feel effortless on Heels?
  • Do you know how to makeĀ YOUR body curves look delicious AF from any angle?
  • What are the little tweaks that willĀ TRANSFORM your performance into mesmerizing?
  • How to Memorize the moves quickly so you can drop into your body andĀ enjoy dance fully?Ā 


OurĀ coach KatrinaĀ will share the TOP secretsĀ that will make you look like an advanced Heels dancer:

  • The walk
  • Posture
  • Spins
  • ā€œPocketsā€
  • Hair whips
  • Floorwork elements
  • Weight transfer
  • Toe exercises
  • and other important details!
  • Beginners who want to lay the best foundations possible from the Nr.1 heels studio in Latvia.
  • Any dancer who wants to discover secrets that will transform their execution from ā€œone of theā€ to ā€œOMG, I canā€™t take my eyes off herā€ performance.
  • Heels teachers who care about their own heels mastery & their student experience.
  • Anyone who wants to drop into their body and enjoy Heels with true confidence.

When you Raise your standards on the dance floor - you raiseĀ themĀ inĀ life.

The little tweaks & shifts will completely transform how YOU show up on the dance floor and life in Stilettos.

Heels Fundamentals Workshop

Heels Fundamentals Workshop

Sale priceā‚¬222,00


02.03.2024. | RIGA | 12 PMĀ 

The workshop has 2 options:

šŸ‘ Basis of FundamentalsĀ (4-hours)

  • A-Z fundamentals - the walk, posture, body rolls, hair whips, floorwork elements, weight transfer, etc.
  • Secrets on how to turn technique into your best friend to nail any Heels choreography
  • Beginner-friendly Across The Floor combos with lots of repetition
  • Secrets to looking sexy &Ā effortless on Heels

or upgrade to:

šŸ‘ Advanced Fundamentals Course with a certificationĀ (6-hours):

  • Advanced Fundamentals elements
  • Advanced performance tips & tricks
  • Personal approach - get direct feedback & adjustments that work best for your body
  • Individual fundamentals solo video (with phone) to evaluate your performance with the teacher
  • Special combo with advancedĀ elements
  • SS certificate as proof of qualityĀ training in Heels

In 2017, Sintija acquired her expertise at Broadway Dance Center, where she took classes from renowned choreograpļ»æhers such as Yanis Marshall and Shirlene Quigley, focusing on the REAL Heels technique for six months.

Subsequently, she traveled to Los Angeles to further refine her skills, making a significant investment (around 7000 Eur) to fully up-level herself!

Later, armed with competence and confidence, Sintija returned and established the FIRST HEELS DANCE STUDIO in Latvia!

It stands as the ONLY studio that actively and consistently refines both technique and mindset... The growth of Sin Stilettos Studio has been and continues to be remarkably progressive!

We now have new Heels coaches who bring the best knowledge of Heels technique!

Katrina and Luize have traveled worldwide to enhance their dance techniques, learning from TOP heels choreographers globally.

Katrina spent most of her 2023 learning in the USA from the BEST Heels choreographers & dancers in the world like Brinn Nicole, Yanis Marshall, Beaulexx, Aisha Francis, Cisco Ruellas and is ready to teach YOU ALL you need to know about the Heels dance.



Yes, workshop is perfect for begginners if you want to start your Heels dance journey by putting in the right base/technique from the very beginning.

We suggest choosing the Basis of Fundamentals for the perfect start.

OH YES, workshop is perfect if you want to develop yourself professionally and dance at the world level OR you are a dance teacher who wants to provide her/his dancers with a high-quality Heels training experience.

We suggest choosing the Intensive Fundamentals Course with a certification where you will learn ADVANCED TIPS & TRICKS and receive personal approach.

Obviously this will RISE your feminine energy like never before, because the feminine is IN THE BODY :)

You will learn all the TOP secrets that will make you look like an advanced Heels dancer - the walk, posture, spins, ā€œpocketsā€, hair whips, floorwork elements, weight transfer, toe exercises, and other important details!

After the workshop you will look & feel effortless on Heels and have all the knowledge you need.