A 3 Week Intensive Group Experience

Glow UP, Get rich & Recognized

Shameless is about Giving yourself permission to go BIG, finally OWNING your power and being shameless about it.

It’s about becoming 10x more radiant, a match to recognition, riches & dream clients… 

👠🔥 By releasing SHAME & FEAR and activating Your Shameless Identity - 

We will reignite all of the motivation and magic to take fearless action… and release any unconscious conflicts with success that have been “blocking” you from exponential growth! 

Mind, Body, Dance & Energy based transformational experience.

.. deep down you KNOW that you’re an absolute walking miracle 10  😎🔥

But you show up like a 6 - an average, blazer-wearing basic…😵🤦🏽‍♀️

You have dimmed down your personality & genius assuming people wouldn't throw unlimited ca$h at you for it... ( they would)

You have the knowledge, the skills. You have a unique & special power.

You know you can make an incredible impact on peoples lives

but right now.. you feel like the worlds best kept secret.

and you are done.

Done watching from sidelines and seeing others thrive.

Done dimming your light & genius

Done suppressing your creativity to be accepted

You want the world to know about YOU. The real you.

You want to make the money you know YOU DESERVE.

And you want to be $hameless about it.

You feel it's RIGHT here.

But something has been holding you back.

And you know it's not another strategy.. another affirmation or vision board ... it's deeper.

And you are ready to do whatever it takes to move through it NOW.

It is time.

It is time to Break free from SHAME & FEAR so you can...

- so you can breakthrough that invisible "wall" in business you've been stuck in for months or even years

-Unleash your creativity & pursue your ideas with excitement

-Show up authentically & stand out from the crowds

- Receive messages saying “ I pay you for your energy” 

-Have return clients over and over cause you are the best they've ever worked with 

-Create & sell your genius with confidence

-Release any conflict with success and move towards your most abundant timeline without breaks

-Glow up, look & feel 10x more attractive, receive compliments about your energy and radiance 

By the end of SHAMELESS, you’re going to unlock the version of you that’s the ONE for all of her dreams… 🤯

You’re going to unlock your authentic frequency & highest possible timeline and receive DMs from people saying 

“I want to pay you for your energy” 

You’re going to unleash the GLOW UP you’ve been waiting for in 2024.

Finally, you take up the space you deserve in your industry.

Unleash your true self and feel FREE to be who you are.

You become the ONE…

You become the ONLY ONE.


Calling all -

service-based entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, yoga, dance, fitness, breathwork instructors, designers, illustrators, healers, project managers!


This if for you if you are a skilled ,experienced & knowledgable fempreneur who is ready to go ALL-IN & fully devoted to...

Show up, glow up & blow up!

attract your dream clients...who send you DM's
"I WANT TO PAY YOU for your energy".

break records on repeat

step into the highest possible timeline.

have the greatest physical glow-up of your life...

give yourself permission to go big...and take up space you deserve in your industry!



Sale price€1.111,00


01.02.2024. - PREPARATION WEEK
04.02.2024. - FIRST LIVE CALL
11.02.2024. - SECOND LIVE CALL

If you want to split the payment in more than two halves, please send a message to sintija.stalgevica@gmail.com


Shameless 3 week intensive with group support.

Release fear & shame to get out of stuck & activate your Shameless identity to show up, glow up & blow up!

Body, Mind & Energy based transformational program.


Want my help to create your signature program, get super clear on your 90 day goal, work with your specific questions/blocks or just love to choose VIP?

High Level Personal Coaching Experience with an internationally certified NLP, EFT, Time Techniques Life & Success Coach, International sold out Retreat leader, Founder of the nr.1 Heels Dance studio in Latvia

  • Shameless 3 week intensive with group support


  • 2 x deep dive 1:1 coaching sessions
  • 14 day access to me via whatsapp to ask any questions, get coaching and VIP support daily