A 6 week “Before/ After” transformational glow up experience

Unlock Your Magic Feminine Powers and Transform Your Life on Heels!

Discover the secret to boosting your confidence, shifting your self-image & manifesting your desires with “Activation On Heels” method - think a  NLP, Frequency, Spice & everything nice

  • Different affirmations, but they didn't make you feel better about yourself? 
  • Meditations , but you were not able to fully unplug, stop negative thoughts & calm down?
  • Push yourself to Go to the gym or run,  but quickly got bored, so its hard to stay active & fit
  • Manifesting your desires, but your reality hasn't been changing much
  • Powerful deep inside, but not Expressing it on the outside - you really wish to break free
  • Stuck & uninspired of your life often 
  • Not good enough & insecure 
  • Not sure if manifestation works for you 
  • Not feminine enough
  • Like you have to push yourself to stay active and it's like a chore
  • Disconnected & spending too much time in your head  
  • Hold yourself back from taking action on the things you want

 Feminine, sexy & irresistible 

- Powerful & alive 

- Confident AF wherever you go 

- Embody your erotic nature & connect to your sexual power 

- Come back home to yourself 

- Attractive - like never before… 

- Radiate orgasmic glow from inside out

- Break free from that shell & express yourself fully!

Well, It's not a coincidence that you dropped on this page, baddie. This is the turning-point. 

half baddie, half magic

half baddie, half magic

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Shift your self- image and mindset for good  - embody confidence, look & feel more attractive, sexy & radiant than ever! 

Body focused, permanent frequency transformation that will help you get yourself back on the pedestal and fall in love with yourself. 

and as a bonus... Unlock your feminine magicK & attract your desires with ease!


See how womens lives have transformed since they started dancing


''That freedom feeling, body awareness, surrender to music, the support. It wasn't easy at the beginning, I learned from zero, but the feeling of accomplishment after I followed through is indescribable! I gained confidence , let myself be sensual, sexy & not caring that other people will think I am vulgar, looking for attention or showing off, because,we, women who are a part of sinstilettos know - we are doing it for ourselves. ''

If back in the day I would always think about ways to avoid “working out” , then now dancing at Sin STilettos are my non-negotiables. I choose MYSELF & my wellbeing!! How you do anything is how you do everything! And that's choosing to be the creator of your reality!

Activation on Heels is a unique healing & new self- image shifting methodology that is created by the founder of Sin Stilettos - Sintija.

Meet Sintija,

the founder of Sin Stilettos and the creator of Activation on Heels. For years, Sintija chased her dream of becoming a professional dancer. But she soon realized that the "working dancer's" life wasn't the right fit for her free spirit. Instead, she found joy in how alive dance made her feel, how powerful & confident she always felt after class, how it allowed to self-express different sides of her, release stuck emotions and tap into desired frequencies to manifest what she wants

This passion led her to create Activation on Heels, a transformative dance methodology that has transformed hundreds of lives - everyone who steps into SS studio experiences magic. 

They became so confident, attractive & magnetic which led to improved relationships, financial uplevels, life changing opportunities and so on. So we decided to bring that online so more women have access to this magic with this 6 week online course “Half Baddie, Half Magic”

You don’t attract what you want, You Attract Who You are!



Here you will find answers for most common questions asked!

You can start WITHOUT the heel shoes - because the secret is IN THE movement…Heel shoes simply ENHANCE the experience, because your body physiology AUTOMATICALLY shifts in a way that it gives a confidence signal to your brain :) BUT you will still get all the benefits starting without …and getting the choreo in your muscle memory, while you wait for your heels to arrive - here is everything you want to know about heels: Read more.

Yes, we will include a bonus “heels fundamentals” course , so you can learn the basics step-by step , but the choreos are so thoroughly explained & you can rewind videos as many times you want, so you can learn the choreos slowly.

OH YES , you will look at dance from a completely different perspective and realise how much power you hold as an advanced dancer :)) + you get to learn beautiful choreos from SS babes.

First of all - the choreo is not just a set of movements, it is created with an intention in mind. 

In order to really FEEL & BE RECEPTIVE to activation - you have to practice being IN TUNE with your body.

Women who already are in tune & know how to cultivate different emotions will feel instant shifts .

Women who are new to this - we have prepared you a few exercises to become more in tune, go more into your body.

Obviously this will RISE your feminine energy like never before, because the feminine is IN THE BODY :) So if you are looking to surrender more to your feminine nature - these practices will be the perfect start. 

With every practice, with every dance you will notice that you can drop into your body more and more. Don't be surprised that by this time you already experience magical synchronicities - opportunities, men, money showing up seemingly out of nowhere! 

If you already are familiar with dropping in to your body - this will just be the most effective, beautiful & fun way you have ever experienced :P and you already know how it affects your reality. 

These choreographies also activate different feminine archetypes!

Yes, thats perfect, because you will actually learn the most powerful way from the beginning - I will include different educational materials that will blow your mind & you'll learn the how-to.

Yeah, if you are a coach - you will discover the most beautiful , effective way to change your mind & self image + even help your clients better  ( you will be able to purchase this service from us to include in your programs ). Experience it for yourself !!


We can access  these energies through music, pictures, atmosphere, environments, movement, clothes… and in our case - through heels choreography.

An archetype is basically a SET OF beliefs, mindset, self image, vibration - all in one. 

So instead of practicing & thinking about each belief & feeling separately every day and getting overwhelmed.. You decide WHAT you want to manifest in your life currently - and activate the archetype who will make it happen/ attract it. ( You attract who you are!)

You want recognition & respect? Activate the Queen. You want to attract a lover, become magnetic, irresistible? Activate the Lover Archetype… You want to express yourself shamelessly, be more fearless? Activate the Wild Woman. Want to make shit happen, get what you want? Activate the Huntress. Makes sense? 

There are unlimited ways how to manifest your dream life through healing & activation and we use HEELS dance as our method to access these energies - it is such an empowering dance & workout of it's own, but you can do soo much more consciously and unconsciously with it :)) 

MORE ABOUT FEMININE ARCHETYPES, ACTIVATION and how to manifest your dream life with it -  in the BUNDLE!