Here is your access to DANCE '''NEXT TO ME''


Meet Sintija,

Back in the day, Sintija thought her dream was to become a professional dancer, because she loved dance so much, she wanted it to be a part of her life. But she soon realized that the "working dancer's" life wasn't the right fit for her free spirit. Instead, she found joy in how alive dance made her feel, how powerful & confident she always felt after class, how it allowed to self-express different sides of her, release stuck emotions and tap into desired frequencies to manifest what she wants! 

She realised that the fire that heels dance ignites is not meant to be kept only in the professional dancers field, but experienced by any woman, who wants to unlock her feminine power & passion. Sin stilettos became a place for woman to do just that. Now all woman who step into SS studio experience magic… They become so confident, attractive & magnetic which leads to improved relationships, financial uplevels, life changing opportunities and so on. So we decided to bring our beautiful choreographies online so more women have access to this magic!

Here you will find answers for most common questions asked!

You can start WITHOUT the heel shoes - because the secret is IN THE movement…Heel shoes simply ENHANCE the experience, because your body physiology AUTOMATICALLY shifts in a way that it gives a confidence signal to your brain :) BUT you will still get all the benefits starting without …and getting the choreo in your muscle memory, while you wait for your heels to arrive - here is everything you want to know about heels: Read more.

Yes, we will include a bonus “heels fundamentals” course , so you can learn the basics step-by step , but the choreos are so thoroughly explained & you can rewind videos as many times you want, so you can learn the choreos slowly.

OH YES , you will look at dance from a completely different perspective and realise how much power you hold as an advanced dancer :)) + you get to learn beautiful choreos from SS babes.

You will have access to 8 tutorials with different intentions & support material to enhance your learning/ dance experience. 

You will RISE your feminine energy & confidence  like never before, because the feminine is IN THE BODY :) So if you are looking to surrender more to your feminine nature - these choreos will be the perfect start.