Online Classes

As our community & fan base grows beyond our local borders, we have created an Online Membership community so you can connect with us from anywhere in the world and join our LIVE classes!!!

“SS ONLINE MEMBERSHIP” | 8 LIVE classes per month – Heels, Body, Connection

This membership has been designed specifically for online & home experience with a loving Intention to Serve your Wellbeing on all levels!

Membership includes: Heels Classes, Heels Latino classes, Dance Fitness, Fitness, Stretching & Meditation, Active Community support 

*The class type may vary each month*

Who is this for?

All levels are welcome – the advantage of online experience is the fact that you can re-take classes as many times you want and whenever you want.

What platform will be used?

Facebook Group and Zoom – to maintain the social & community aspect, we want to stay connected with you as much as possible!


Usually 7 or 8 PM (EET) LIVE experience. Each class will be recorded and you will have an option to download it and take it at your own time in case you miss the Live.

BONUS: Upon joining, you will receive a video with Heels Foundations, so even if you are a complete beginner, you will have an opportunity to prepare on your own time and feel comfortable to join Live classes whenever you want!

MEMBERSHIP FEE: 47 EUR per month 

“GLOW UP & SHOW UP” | 14 Day Dance, Body, Mind & Beauty Online Program

Sensual Heels,Transformative Breathwork, Self Love Meditation, Super Fun Twerk & Dance Fitness class, Hard core Abs & Booty workout, Ecstatic Dance & Stretching…+ Glam Up Make Up Workshop to top it all up!! 

You will Glow Up from inside out & Show Up feeling & looking Irresistible by the end of this program! <3

Start at NOV 30th 20202 – DEC 13th 2020

Next tutorial coming soon…