Sin Stilettos has expanded well beyond dance classes and has become a luxurious brand & a way of life.

We want to share our knowledge about heels dancing in our online and live courses &  programs to make a positive impact on your life and help you grow as a dancer and a human being. 

ConfiDANCE in Stilettos | 

Are you ready to become the radiant, sexy, confident woman that you know you were born to be?


This is unique, of its kind heels course – we won’t just teach you how to dance sexy & effortlessly in heels, but we will work on your self-image on a whole nother level!


This self-paced course and community is designed with beginners to heels dancing in mind and will take you to step by step through the process of learning professional standard dancing skills while also supporting your mindset and developing your confidence at the same time.


Have you ever wanted your own private SOLO VIDEO?

That adrenaline and pleasure at the same time when you are looking directly at the camera, express your sex appeal, your true self through movements, your appearance, your gaze…

And that satisfaction after you have done it gives you such strong confidence that you are capable of everything!

Every woman needs to enjoy this at least once in a lifetime! 

Professional and experienced Sin Stilettos coaches offer you a unique SOLO video program that will allow you to live your dream and take your confidence to the next level! 

Next courses coming soon…