1. What type of heel should you wear to a heels class and where to buy them?

I can’t put emphasis enough on the importance of the heel you wear. It really makes all the difference in your performance.

It took me a lot of money & time to figure out what are the essential details a heels shoe should have for the perfect heels performance – so to save you the hassle I decided to share it with everyone. Thank me later!

If you don’t feel like going for a search and simply want to order the perfect heel, you can find a link below this post. Otherwise, check out these 7 essential things you should be aware of

A couple of obvious points…



I see so many ladies wearing beautiful heels to class they can’t walk in. You will have to spend at least an hour in your class, so make sure you don’t feel any discomfort. Not only you will be in pain, but also – you can get distracted and not able to follow the moves!



A two inch heel will be good to start. Slowly add height once you grow your skill. If you are more advanced then  2.7 – 3.9  inch is fine.
And more in detail.


3. THE SOLE – thin.

The thinner & softer the better. It will be much easier to do a pointe with a soft sole, while also getting a better grip to floor while doing a pirouette. Look for leather or soft rubber soles. Synthetic soles are hard.


4. ANKLE – supported.

Your ankle should be supported fully – either with a strap, but even better if it’s covered all around – like ankle boots or even high heel boots with straps – so you can make sure it suits you perfectly.

It should feel like a hand in glove.


5. THE HEEL – thin.

Ladies. I’m sorry, but For real heels dance experience –  chunky heels wont work. Thin wedge shoes are great! And you can add a heel brace for extra support. But you can’t achieve those gorgeous lines with a heavy chunk.

The heel, same as dance, should look gracious.


6. THE TOE – both

Depends on dance combo.  I always suggest an open toe as it will be easier to control your floorwork movement & turns, but if you do choose a closed toe, make sure its not too long. Closed toe will add to your stability though! 🙂


7. THE TYPE – ankle boots.

Like I mentioned before – ankle boots with straps will be your best bet, but obviously, whatever you feel like applies to the points above.


I hope this helped and here are two links I can give you to check out.

So these beauties are a bit pricey,but look at it as an investment – buying these, you are all set for a long time and can be sure you’ll be able to focus on movement instead of getting distracted ! If I’d bought these at the beginning, I would have saved a lot of money actually.

Click on the link here 


And here’s a cheap option, but great for beginners – if you are still not sure you want to be a heels dancers you probably don’t want to spend too much on shoes…

Click on the link and check for these Dileechi dance boots 

2. Do I need to wear High Heels as soon as I start?

No and Yes.


If you are really not used to heels and have absolutely no previous dance experience, we suggest you to start in sneakers to work on coordination and muscle memory, but the earlier you can wear heels the better – the choreography is designed for heels dance and it will look and feel much more pleasing on heels. also, your body will need time to adjust.

Yes, if you have previous dance experience.

3. Can I join Your studio if I don't have a perfect body?

First of all. All bodies are perfect. Its a freakin miracle. Its keeping you alive each day, it pumps your heart, provides your organs with blood flow & oxygen, it allows you to move, build, create, love and most importantly – dance 😀 ! Dont even think of shaming your body for all the thing its doing for you each day – it cares about you so much and you dont even have to think about

And yes, all bodies are welcome in our studio.

You will however experience changes in your body due to dancing – you will become more fit, more flexible, more strong, have more energy and will feel better overall.

4. Can I join Your studio if I have no dance experience at all?

Yes! Level 1 Classes are suitable for people who have no previous dance experience. That’s the whole point of dance classes – we TEACH you how to dance 🙂

5. What should I wear to class?

Anything you want, really. As long as you can move freely and feel good, it will work. We do suggest you to get Knee Pads as soon as possible for floorwork.

6. How does 1 month membership work?

Our 1 month membership is valid from the 1st day of the month, till the end of month.

For example. October 1st – 31st.

If you wish to secure your spot in class for the next month – you will need to book the next month around day 29.

For example, book your spot for the month of November in October 29th.

You can use this membership for 1 Level. If you wish to attend more than one Level – send us an email.

If you join our studio in the middle of the month for the first time, we will deduct the price until end of month and then you can begin from the 1st later on.

For example, if you join on 15th of October, the membership will cost 45 euros until October 31st.

You will have to book your next month on October 29th ( to secure your spot)

7. Do You offer Online Classes/ Tutorials?

Yes! We have an online course ConfiDANCE in Stilettos – this self-paced course and community is designed with beginners to heels dancing in mind and will take you to step by step through the process of learning professional standard dancing skills while also supporting your mindset and developing your confidence at the same time.

Other options:

You can book an Online Private Class with any of our teachers for 55 eur/h.

You can get Free tutorials on our YouTube channel: Sin Stilettos Youtube Channel make sure to take a video and Tag us so that we can cheer you on 🙂

Follow us on Instagram @sinstilettos and switch on post notifications to be the first to know about more online classes & courses!